Monday, July 22, 2013

The Dark Mattes for Men

Hello, everybody. It is good to write again. It is my wish to use this blog to introduce you to the thoughts and persons behind the Mentality Nail Polish Brand.

Our goal is create an affordable alternative nail art palette. There are so many great stand-alone nail polishes out there, but not all of them work together when doing a manicure. The polishes that make it into our production line are designed to work with the other polishes in its collection, and with the entire Mentality product line.

This time around I present the Dark Matte Collection. This is a line of blacks that dry to a matte finish and cover the color spectrum in 8 steps: red-black, copper-black, gold-black, olive-black, green-black, teal-black, blue-black, and violet-black. The matte formula is quite durable after curing. You can even fix minor dents in the polish while curing by pressing on the dent and/or gentle polishing such as seen in the forthcoming Withstand swatch. I used a bit of saliva on the end of my finger tip and burnished the dent smooth, which is only a little bit gross. lol

This line reminds me of after-hours parties. These dark colors seem to me so formal but scream rebellion. I could see this line worn by a color conscious goth man or woman tired of the same old blacks. I could see these polishes at home at a concert or a club. The classic nature of the color black also lends to formal settings and the deep colors remind me of luxurious fabrics and dinner dresses. I can also imagine a myriad of Cosplay characters that would need appropriately matching nail polish.

The opaque nature of this line also lend to use as a cosmetic cover. Many of my friends have worked as bartenders and used nail polish on their toe nails to cover nail discoloration from constant exposure to beer yeast. Many sports are dangerous to fingers and toes as well. Nail bed bruising can be dreadful to look at and these polishes would be well suited to visually covering the damage. I suggest no medical benefit, only cosmetic. And by all means, if there is something wrong with your body, go to a doctor or a pharmacist and find out what's wrong or how to fix it. Come on, I'm a guy too. There have been numerous times that I have come back in from outside to my wife saying, "Honey, you are bleeding". My response is usually, "Where?"

~ Danny

This is Courage, a red-black matte nail polish:

This is Strength, a copper-black nail polish:

This is Hope, a gold-black nail polish:

This is Endeavor, an olive-black nail polish:

This is Persevere, a green-black nail polish:

Shown as one coat of polish.

This is Resilience, a teal-black nail polish:

This is Withstand, a blue-black nail polish:

*You can see the shiny spot in my index finger where I burnished a dent. It contrasts a bit to the matte finish on the other fingers.

This is Valor, a violet-black nail polish:

We are constantly amazed by the color combinations and nail art submitted to our Facebook page by our fans, and there are extensive swatches of these polishes and others available at the end of a quick internet search. Check out the nail art that others are doing with Mentality Nail Polish and what those people have to say about our nail polish.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Matte Collection for Women

Today, I'd like to show you some of the polishes from the Matte Collection, as presented for women.

All of the polishes have similar formulas. All of the pictures show the polish with two coats and no top coat. Most of them were opaque in one coat. Application tip: put down a thin coat and then don't mess with it until it's dry. The matte finish shows up before the polish is cured and may lead the wearer to think that the polish is fully dry before it actually is. As with other matte nail polishes, it is easy to ding until it's fully cured, but the wear time is fantastic. My wear test revealed four days of wear before removal, and it was taken off to swatch, not because it had chipped.

On to the swatches:

Rascal is a matte black and pictured with two coats and no top coat.

Mischief is a matte grey polish; shown two coats and no top coat. 

Vicious is a matte red; shown two coats no top coat.

Ruffian is a matte blue; shown two coats no top coat.

Visit our store at for purchase or to browse other colors. The Matte Collection retails for $6.50 each. Shipping is always free to the United States. International shipping rates apply.