Thursday, December 26, 2013


Mentality Nail Polish would like to announce its very own color of 2014: Red-purple. We have also launched what appears to be a first in nail polish: textured holos. Check out our store at and/or Google for swatches. Hope everone had a great holiday season!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Metallic Creams and Swatch: Male Hand

Metallic and cream are two words that usually do not go together. I am not sure why. When I mixed this line of colors, Hillary asked me to describe them. I called them metallicreams. She smiled and said that she had never heard of such a thing. After a bit of research and debate about any other type of description, we decided that yes, such a thing does exist. Well, kinda.

The result is a color line with a very interesting spectrum of creamy greys and neutrals with a brushed metallic reflection and a satin finish. Each has a creamy reflection for a "base color to silvery white" color shift. I am eager to use these polishes with an airbrush.

They are great for stamping nail art.

Then there is the light versus shade difference. The swatch photos on Facebook have come out a bit darker than the polish appears in real life. I mean, at the reflection angle that my eyes are at when the photos are taken versus the camera and light source angles. And don't forget the gravitational pull of the moon, humidity levels on Venus, time of galactic day... lol. You would not believe how many thousands of pictures that we have taken in vain attempts to photograph our various polishes. Shade pictures show different color saturation than do full light pictures. The colors also look different at different angles. This is a reality that continuously presents itself when we take pictures of Mentality polishes. Rest assured that we will take many more pictures.

The colors in the set remind me of lots of different things. Some remind me of pewter tones. Others look like they could be part of a science fiction movie set. Various shades of metal tones abound in the set.

Today I have a swatch on my hands using a single coat of Shadow stamped with Discreet using a Cheeky image. The first picture is in filtered sun/partial shade. The second picture is under florescent light. The third was taken under a day light color high pressure florescent lamp.

I also posted another version over on Instagram

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