Friday, May 10, 2013

Nail Art Projects ~ Male Hands

The following images are visual art projects. They feature Mentality Nail polish on my hands. I believe that fingernails are the perfect canvas on which to display messages. This can be as simple as a smiley face meant to encourage the wearer to let go of sorrow, or as a message to all those who see it.

I call the following image "Superhero" and it pays homage to the superhero that resides in all of us. There are times that I feel that I can take on the entire world, as well as those when it feels as if the world is out to get me. It is up to me as a survivor to never give up. The manicure uses Vicious, a matte red polish, with a black "S" painted freehand with Rascal, a matte black polish.

The following image is political art. It features a red, white, and blue manicure that used, Vicious, Ruffian, an equal sign in Rascal, and the white is Matte Holo. The image suggests an Air Force service member's funeral and is meant to make the viewer uncomfortable. The  lines and angles of the composition lend to the viewer being unable to find a place to rest, except back to the message displayed. I tweaked the image several times to give a warm, faded appearance with heavy contrast, such as might be seen through eyes heavy with tears, except for the equality banner which received its full colors. The connotation that I intended is that sexual preference is irrelevant when it is your child that has given a life in service, because it is only a family member of a deceased veteran that ever gets to see a flag presented in this manner.

More art projects will follow. Thank you for reading. ~ Danny


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