Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Dark Metallics for Men

My hands are jacked; plain and simple. On an actual serious note, as the maker of Mentality Nail Polish, I do also actually practice martial arts and a whole host of real-life things that destroy my finger nails. I’m a guy. Guys are taught that our hands are heavy-duty tools. I would say that my hands look horrific most of the time and thinking about it, it's kind of surprising that my wife wants to hold them.

I am also a speed skater and that has destroyed my toenails. The first time that I used the nail polish that I make on my toes for a wear test, I was dumbfounded to find that my pinky toenails had grown back together. They usually grow with multiple splits in them and stay that way because I spend so much time on my feet. Nail polish fused my toenails in place so that they could regrow as a single nail again. Crazy. Perhaps I might see the end of me accidentally stabbing my wife in the legs with a jacked toe nail.

This blog features the Dark Metallics collection as presented for men. The listings feature another dose of humor for the listing and I am wearing all-cotton Muay Thai style fist wraps in the pictures. The collection features shimmery golden tones and the polish dries to a satiny metallic finish. These colors are perfect for the man that wants to something more than a matte finish and grey scale colors. These colors are reserved and mature, but scream out, “Hey, I can color coordinate too”. The polish-jobs in the pictures are either a single coat, two coats, or a putty paste-job with some polish to fix the spots that I messed up. There is minimal clean up so that I could keep the look realistic. I'm a guy. When I'm through here, I am probably going to go do situps, the lawn, or dig a trench. I can never be sure.

So there I was, wrestling an alligator in an Amazonian river with a pack of Piranha nipping at my toes when a Kodiak bear comes roaring across the banks at our melee. That was when I thought to myself, “What is a Kodiak bear doing in South America and did it manage to track me here after I arm-wrestled it for that salmon yesterday?” He too must have had the Hunger.

Hunger is a red-toned dark gold shimmer and dries to a satiny metallic finish

A multitasking man, I like to practice my Karate chops when I go gold panning in my spare time. Long hours spent breaking rocks with hammer fists, while looking for the riches of gold can really drive up a Thirst.

Thirst is a dark gold-toned shimmer and dries to a satiny metallic finish.

Down, up, left, left, right, up, down and the crowd goes wild. A perfect combo is more than worth a perpetual thumb callous or the occasional gamer’s elbow. It’s the irreplaceable glory of victory for which men Yearn.

Yearn is a green-toned dark gold shimmer and dries to a satiny metallic finish

Real men are sensitive creatures. Take the average barbeque for instance, and the chorus of vocal pain that can be found roaring in unison at the loss of a hamburger mistakenly sent flying on a poorly aimed flip. It makes a man’s heart Ache.

Ache is a blue-toned dark gold shimmer and dries to a satiny metallic finish

Zeal, seriously, what is zeal? The dictionary says it means having good energy to get things done. I say it means bow hunting the monster from Predator with one arm tied behind your back. Yeah, now that says Zeal.

Zeal is a purple-toned dark gold shimmer and dries to a satiny metallic finish.

Thanks for reading ~ Danny

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  1. Enjoyed reading your posts.
    I love how open you are in your stories.
    I am a newerish fan to your line and the indie world in general.
    You've got some talent and amazing colors.
    Thank you for sharing your work with us all.